CBE, Act 2000

21. Appeal

(1) Any person who is aggrieved by a decision of any of the councils for the professions may upon payment of the prescribed fee and, within 30 days from that person becoming aware of such decision, in writing appeal to the council, and the council must consider and decide the appeal.

(2) The appellant must submit a copy of the appeal against a decision of a council for the profession and arty documents or records supporting such appeal, to that council for the profession and furnish proof of such submission for the information of the council.

(3) The council must appoint an appea! committee consisting of -

(a) a professional who has appropriate experience;

(b) a person qualified in law and who has appropriate experience; and

(c) a person who specialises in the professional field concerning the appeal.

(4) The appeal committee must conduct the appeal in accordance with section 33 of the Constitution.

(5) The appeal committee must decide an appeal within 60 days from the dale on which the appeal was lodged, and inform the appellant and the council concerned accordingly.