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Updated: 13 October 2018

21. Authorised Titles

1. A person who is registered in any of the categories refereed to in section 18(1) may describe himself or herself as and use the title -

(a) Professional Architect;

    (Author's inclusion) - PrArch

(b) Professional Senior Architectural Technologist;

    (Author's inclusion) - PrSArchT

(c) Professional Architectural Technologist;

    (Author's inclusion) - PrArchT

(d) Professional Architectural Draughtsperson;

    (Author's inclusion) - PrArchDraught

(e) Candidate Architect;

    (Author's inclusion) - CArch

(f) Candidate Senior Architectural Technologist;

    (Author's inclusion) - CSArchT

(g) Candidate Architectural Technologist; or

    (Author's inclusion) - CArchT

(h) Candidate Architectural Draughtsperson

    (Author's inclusion) - CArchDraught.

2. A registered person may use a title prescribed by the council for the specified category.

3. A registered person must use his or her title in all architectural reports and other documentation relating to his or her work in the architectural profession, prepared by or for him or her.

4. The council may determine abbreviations or acronyms for the titles referred to in subsection (1).

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