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Updated: 29 September 2019

Launching 10400 Supplemental Diagrams suite

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10400 Supplementary Diagrams

10400 SD Available


DEMO Supplemental Diagrams


10400 SD-B

10400 SD-C

Cost: R47.60 / ebook license

No. of Pages: 17


10400 SD-D

Cost: R37.27 / ebook license

No. of Pages: 13


10400 SD-F

10400 SD-G

Cost: R20.77 / ebook license

No. of Pages: 7


10400 SD-H

10400 SD-J

Cost: R47.60 / ebook license

No. of Pages: 17


10400 SD-K

10400 SD-L

10400 SD-M

Cost: R77.08 / ebook license

No. of Pages: 25



10400 SD-N

10400 SD-O

10400 SD-P

10400 SD-Q

10400 SD-R

Cost: R39.90 / ebook license

No. of Pages: 14


10400 SD-S

10400 SD-T

10400 SD-V

Cost: R47.60 / ebook license

No. of Pages: 17


10400 SD-W

10400 SD-XA

The 10400 Supplementary Diagrams is a suite of ebooks developed to compliment the SANS 10400 Deemed-to-Satisfy suite of documents used by built environment professionals to design compliance into buildings.

Below is a list of the 10400 Supplemental Diagram ebooks available and preview images of the content included in the available ebooks.

Note that 10400 Supplemental Diagram ebooks, available for purchase, are provided as stand-alone executable files for use on a single PC running the MS Windows operating system. The ebooks have been tested on Windows XP, 7 & 10 systems. To view the 10400 Supplemental Diagrams ebooks on multiple PC’s will require the purchase of a separate license for each installation. It is therefore crucial that purchased ebooks are installed on the PC on which they are to be most accessed if only a single license is to be purchased.

A DEMO 10400 Supplemental Diagrams ebook is available for download to give a sense of the content provided in the ebooks.

To preview the content of the available 10400 Supplemental Diagrams ebooks click on the corresponding Preview link.

To view DEMO ebook download the compressed file. Once downloaded unzip the file to a known location. Double click on the executable file to open the ebook. Ensure that, where identified by security software as a possible issue, an exception is created to avoid the the security software deleting or sand-boxing the executable file.


To purchase a copy of a particular 10400 Supplementary Diagrams ebook download and complete the Purchase Request below.

Email the completed Purchase Request to using the contact details provided in the purchase request form.


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